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Weekly News December 8, 2019

CONTINUING TESTAMENT We believe that God is STILL speaking, and while our faith is two thousand years old our thinking is not.

We believe that no matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here; because unity (not uniformity) is valued, diversity is treasured, and adversity is not feared.

CHANGING LIVES We believe that participation in this faith community changes lives both within and beyond the walls of our sanctuary.

Paraments are Purple for Season of Advent

Deacons today are Debbie Grew, Russ Denner and Rick Twomey.
Ushers today are Glen Ellen Roth, Trina Triggs,
Kathleen Larsen and Diana Burton.
Greeters are Brent, Rachel, Andrew and Renee Reiche
 Atrium Team are Paul Martin and Pete Russell.
 Helping Lisa in the Nursery today is Jen Erickson.

Working in the Media Booth is Eric Steva.

 The Flowers on the altar are given by Carol and Jo Nancy Gunn in Memory of Carl’s parents, Wilfred and Edith Gunn.
 Please join us for fellowship after worship this morning.
We thank Diaconate for hosting Fellowship today.
Next week Counters will be hosting the coffee hour.

Total Attendance Last Sunday:  8 AM: 23  10 AM: 242 Streaming Views: 56 Church School: 59  Nursery: 14

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Communication Covenant

First Parish of Saco Communication Covenant

Recognizing that we are all Children of God, created equally in the image of God, therefore deserving of respect and required to have integrity as individual persons, and recognizing that the work of community involves understanding and embracing diversity, we covenant with God and each other, to communicate in the follow ways:
Value input from everyone equally.
Encourage all to participate. Monitor the length and frequency of our own comments during conversations.
Listen attentively to everyone involved. Use electronics constructively and respectfully.
Describe behavior, with love and without judgment, when giving feedback, being mindful to focus on the issue not the person.
Speak directly and respectfully to the person with whom we have a concern.
Tell your own stories, speak of your own experiences and avoid reporting the grievances or experiences of others. Use “I” statements.
Engage in collaborative dialogue.
Respect and honor the confidentiality of all private information.
Empowered through this covenant we will seek reconciliation as children of God and followers of Jesus Christ.

  Adopted 4.10.17

Church Office Hours

The Church office hours are Monday - Friday - 9:00AM-4:00pm


We believe that God is STILL speaking, and while our faith is two thousand years old our thinking is not.

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