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COVID-19 Concerns

Dear First Parish Church Family,
This is a very confusing and trying time for our community. We desire to be a sanctuary, a safe place, for all who struggle and suffer. We desire to serve our community, to help our neighbors in need. But we have to balance that with practicing the safety protocols that are in place.
As the COVID-19 coronavirus has spread, the CDC and other health and safety officials have advised that we should practice social distancing. Their recommendations have been that we limit ourselves to interactions with ever-decreasing numbers of people. That recommendation now stands at ten. I think that it is likely the case that the number will continue to decrease. The best way to "flatten the curve," to limit exposure and spread of the virus is to limit the number of people with whom we come into contact. Currently, the recommendation is that we stay home for a few weeks.

Therefore, First Parish Congregational Church will suspend ALL public gatherings. We will worship online only. On Friday afternoon, we will post the bulletin for the service so that you can follow along with the live stream. You will also be able to join us at 10:00 AM on YouTube or Facebook Live. The 8:00 AM service will be suspended. 
Please send any prayer requests to me at: scott.cousineau@firstparishsaco.org. Please indicate if you would want them to be shared publicly.
The church office is closed to the public. If you need anything, please call us at 207-283-3771. I will be in the office Tuesday through Friday.
All meetings are suspended until further notice. We have the ability to setup audio/video conferencing to conduct meetings remotely. Please contact office@firstparishsaco.org for remote meeting options.
All Choir rehearsals are suspended. Jacqui will be rehearsing via audio/video conferencing.
We will be compiling a list of those who are well and are able to run errands (as long as w

Weekly News March 22, 2020

CONTINUING TESTAMENT We believe that God is STILL speaking, and while our faith is two thousand years old our thinking is not.

We believe that no matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here; because unity (not uniformity) is valued, diversity is treasured, and adversity is not feared.

CHANGING LIVES We believe that participation in this faith community changes lives both within and beyond the walls of our sanctuary.

Paraments are Purple for the Season of Lent

Due to the Emergency due to to Corona-virus, the church has been closed and all programs suspended.
Sunday Services will be Live Streamed weekly at 10am.

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Church Office Hours

The Church office hours are Monday - Friday - 9:00AM-4:00pm


We believe that God is STILL speaking, and while our faith is two thousand years old our thinking is not.

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