Scott's Weekly Greeting, November 24, 2020

Scott's Weekly Greeting, November 24, 2020

Author: Rev. Scott W. Cousineau
November 24, 2020

Scott's Weekly Greeting ...

This is the week of the year that many church leaders get seasonal whiplash. The season changes so quickly that we pivot and can almost lose our heads!

As most people are making their final preparations for Thanksgiving, we are making plans for Advent and Christmas. It is often the case that Advent begins on the Sunday immediately following Thanksgiving Day. With leftovers in the fridge and the third turkey sandwich on the menu, we are setting up sanctuaries adorned with wreaths, greenery and candles. And we do all of this knowing that this is typically one of the weeks during the year that has the lowest attendance.

But ... that may not be the case this year. Many people will not be saying 'goodbye' to their Thanksgiving guests. Many people will not be heading to the airport or hitting the highway to head home. This year, people may be more excited than ever to witness and welcome the Promise in the manger.

This year, the season of Advent takes on a whole new meaning. This year the themes of liberation and freedom will resonate deeply within our souls. This year, hope will speak to those parts of our hearts that have been fractured by the struggles that we have endured. This year, the Peace that passes all understanding will sing to spirits that have witnessed so much hostility. This year, we will embrace the Incarnate Love of God fiercely because we never realized just how much we truly needed it before. And this year, we will sing and dance for Joy as angels fill the heavens with their songs.

Be safe as you celebrate Thanksgiving this week, then join us for worship on Sunday morning. Our Sunday school lesson, "Peaceable Kingdom," will be based upon the words of the Prophet Isaiah. The virtual choir will be singing, "Peace, Peace." And our message, "Someone Is Coming," will be based upon Mark 13:24-37.


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