Scott's Weekly Greeting

Scott's Weekly Greeting

Author: Rev. Scott Cousineau
January 21, 2020

Recently, a video went viral of a couple of teens trying to operate a rotary telephone. They tried unsuccessfully for over four minutes trying to dial that dinosaur phone. I am old enough to remember rotary telephones. I remember when having a "slimline" phone mounted to the wall was a new thing. I remember when the push-button, touch-tone phones were introduced and the allowances that had to be made for those who did not yet possess that modern innovation.

I remember that it USED to be exciting to get a phone call. The phone would ring and we would sprint to answer it! We received phone calls from family members and friends. We received phone calls to share the news of the day, or inviting us to gather together for fellowship and celebrations. Of course, there were also times when the phone rang bearing sad or difficult news.

Those were the days before our phones were co-opted as marketing devices. Now-a-days, I can assume that ninety percent of the time that my phone rings it is someone trying to sell me something, or worse ... scam me. The phone call has ceased to be a pleasurable event.

I do not think that people look forward to receiving calls from sales associates, bill collectors or scammers. We desire to be called, but not from that subset of society.

But what about when Jesus calls? Is that a call that excites us? Is it good news when our hearts or souls tell us that Jesus is calling?
And how do we respond? Do we silence the call? Do we try to block that number? Or do we receive it with open hearts?

This week in worship, we will reflect upon the call of Jesus Christ in our lives and what he is calling us to do. (Matthew 4:12-23) We gather at 8:00 AM for a more informal service and at 10:00 AM for a traditional service.

All are welcome. Join us!


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