Scott's Weekly Greeting, July 20, 2021

Scott's Weekly Greeting, July 20, 2021

Author: Rev. Scott W. Cousineau
July 20, 2021

Scott's Weekly Greeting, July 20, 2021 ...

The word "miracle" is often used sarcastically. When your beloved hometown team finally wins a game ... "It is a miracle!"

The sarcasm is sometimes joined by our own personal interest. When your spouse FINALLY does the one thing that you have been asking them to do for weeks ... "You fixed the door?! It is a miracle!!"

There are times when the "miracle" is deeply personal and there is no sarcasm involved. When your employer recognizes the work that you have been doing for years it may feel like a miracle. When you are finally seen as beautiful and wonderfully made just the way you are ... especially in a world that can be so quick to judge and just as quick to reject ... the miracle is real.

And then there are the times, the events that defy explanation: a child falls five stories and lands without a scratch, a lost hiker survives days without food or water, an animal walks out of a raging forest fire completely unharmed. Events such as these often elicit the phrase, "There must be a God in heaven!" or something similar. There must be a God in heaven.

It is sad that some people require a dramatic event to even hint at the existence of God. It is even sadder that for others there is no sufficient evidence.
I do not require God to go on stage and "perform" for me. I do not need God to do magic tricks to convince me to believe. I have seen the power of God. I have felt transformative love of God. I have been moved by the Holy Spirit of God. My guess is that most of you have as well. I know that you could share stories of God's activity in the world and in your lives. I encourage you to do just that ... share them. Share them below if you like. Share them with your friends. Share them. One never knows the way that such a story will touch the heart or soul of another.

May God bless you all! And may you be a blessing to others!



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