Scott's Weekly Greeting ...

Scott's Weekly Greeting ...

Author: Rev. Scott Cousineau
March 03, 2020

Did you ever play the game "Pig Pile" as a child? What about as a young adult?

It is a silly children's game. A friend or sibling is lying on the floor or the ground, and someone yells, "Pig pile!" Then everyone runs and jumps on top of that person. There are lots of squeals and giggles as the person on the bottom writhes and wriggles to get free. As an older "child" the game took on a new dimension. Hanging out with the guys during my college years meant some pretty rough piles of pig! At that age, the point of the game seemed to be to call everyone within a quarter-mile radius to come and jump on the pile so as to crush the breath out of the person on the bottom (not to mention some of the people in the lower part of the pile).

If you did play, do you remember the crushing feeling at the bottom of the pile? Do you remember the shortness of breath? Do you remember what it felt like to be trapped under a pile of humanity?

And do you remember what it felt like to be set free? Do you remember the wonderful feeling of air rushing into your lungs? Do you remember the aches and pains, but also the incredible feeling of lightness as you climbed to your feet?

My Pig Pile days are long behind me. I hope.

But that does not mean that we do not experience similars feelings in our lives. We can feel confinement and restriction. We can feel imprisoned by restrictions and oppression. We can feel the crushing weight of burdens. These experiences and circumstances can steal our breath ... can make our hearts pound in our chests ... can leave us immobile ... shackled by doubts and fears.

This week in worship we explore what it means to be set free. We explore the world of opportunities that await us with the new day, with a new birth in the Holy Spirit. (John 3:1-17)

Join us for our 8:00 AM or 10:00 AM service of worship. All are welcome!


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