Scott's Weekly Greeting...

Scott's Weekly Greeting...

Author: Rev. Scott Cousineau
February 11, 2020

A couple of months ago, I was running a bunch of errands and every time that I got in the car the same song was playing on the radio. No ... I did not have a CD stuck on repeat play. It was broadcast radio, and the same song kept coming on. I knew that it must be a sign. As I headed home, I knew that we had to build a worship service around that song!

So, I approached Jacqui, our Music Director, and said, "I have this crazy idea ... can we create a worship service around this song? It is a secular song, but I think that it could be really neat!" (Yes ... I still say, "neat.") Jacqui agreed and the wheels began turning.

Well, the time has come! The worship service is this Sunday!

Have I teased you enough? Are you curious what the song was?

I hope so.

Let me make you wait just a little bit longer ...

We all long for connection and relationship. We desire to belong. We want to love and be loved. The Bible is a love story. There are verses that read like love songs. Throughout scripture, and throughout the ministry of Jesus Christ we hear of the importance of love. It is the focal point of our life and faith. Love is what we were created to do.

So ... why is it so difficult?

Who do we love? How do we love? Why do we love? The answers to those questions are all spelled out for us, yet we still struggle.

Join us on Sunday morning as we explore 1 John 4:7-12, and the answers revealed there. Join us Sunday morning and you will learn what song followed me around that day and inspired this worship service.

All are welcome!


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