Scott's Weekly Greeting, April 14, 2020

Scott's Weekly Greeting, April 14, 2020

Author: Rev. Scott Cousineau
April 15, 2020

Scott's Weekly Greeting ...

I have become very fond of a particular chair at the parsonage. I sit in the chair every morning and sip my freshly-brewed coffee. I sit in the chair every evening and read a book or scan my social media feed. It has become my favorite chair in the house.

It has not always been my favorite chair. Renee and I have had the chair for over twenty-five years. It is not especially comfortable, although it is not bad. What has made it my favorite chair is where it is located in the house. It is in the living room bedside one of the windows.

It is the chair that the dogs run and jump into when they hear us drive up the driveway.
It is the chair where I listen to the birds and look at the trees, and watch the world go by.

Like Sheldon Cooper said of his spot on the couch, "It is the perfect spot." I can see the front yard and the back. It gets morning sun not afternoon. It is not too hot or too cold.

We love our favorite spots. The reasons vary ... they are comfortable, they are familiar, they are safe. They are warm, they are cool, they offer us a wonderful view.

What happens when we are asked to surrender those favorite places?

We may get angry or defiant and stubbornly cling to that place. We may grieve as we mourn the loss of something precious. Our hearts may break as we shed very real tears. We may question desiring to know the reason why we have been asked to move. Or we may celebrate the opportunity to experience something completely new!

During the days immediately before and after the crucifixion of Jesus, the disciples experienced a wide range of emotions. We heard the accounts of Palm Sunday and the Last Supper ... to foreboding, the uncertainty, the darkening shadows of doubt. We heard the pain and the loss of Good Friday and the death of their beloved friend and rabbi. And we delighted as our hearts leapt with joy at the news of the empty tomb and the risen Christ!!

This week we meet the disciples shuttered away in a locked room. The joy has slipped away and has been replaced by fear. The spectre of doubt has returned. How will they respond? How will we?


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