Scott's Weekly Greeting, May 4, 2021

Scott's Weekly Greeting, May 4, 2021

Author: Rev. Scott W. Cousineau
May 04, 2021

Scott's Weekly Greeting, May 4, 2021 ...

What type of sleeper are you? Heavy sleeper? Or light? I have trouble falling asleep if there is any sound other than the ambient sound of the house. A drip, drip, or a train, or traffic will keep me awake for hours. But ... once I do fall asleep, I am out like a rock.

What about your covers? Are you a kick the covers off of the bed person? Or are you a cocooner? I am a cocooner. I wrap the blanket and sheet tightly around me. Sometimes I even put the pillow over my head. A couple of years ago I tried sleeping under a weighted blanket. I love it! For me, there is comfort being wrapped tightly in a blanket.

Sleep is a precious and necessary commodity. Our health and safety depend upon the ability to get good, quality sleep. A moment ago, I mentioned that I cannot fall asleep if there is any noise. I, like many people, also have difficulty sleeping if I am stressed or anxious. My brain goes round and round trying to solve whatever is troubling me, even though I try telling it that sleep will help it function better. It does not listen to me.

We do not sleep well when we are stressed or anxious. We do not sleep well when we are in danger or when we live in fear. We cannot get comfortable or find peace when our homes have been destroyed or when we are out on the street. The circumstances of the world in which we live place people in harm's way or in disruptive situations every day. There is so much difficulty and our neighbors struggle so mightily, we wish that we could wave a magic wand and fix everything. We may find ourselves feeling helpless in the face of so much hardship.

We may not be able to fix everything, but we can at least offer some help, some comfort. This week is Mother's Day weekend. It is the week that we have designated as "Blanket Sunday." The blankets that we purchase through Church World Service are sent to places all around the world. They help those who live in war-torn areas, and those hit be natural disasters. The blankets help those who are homeless and those who have been displaced. The blankets provide warmth and shelter, and they let the recipients know that somewhere in the world is someone that cares about them ... that loves them. Each blanket costs just $10.00. Church World Service has expanded the ministry such that Blankets Plus also provides food, medical supplies, farming supplies and tools. Your donations truly "Blanket the World in Love." You can make checks payable to: FPYF (First Parish Youth Fellowship), 12 Beach Street, Saco, ME 04072. Please put "Blankets" in the memo line.


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